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Dear Online Marketer,

Did you know that over 95% of visitors to your website spend only a few seconds looking at your video
and then almost immediately scroll down?

That means, within just a few seconds, you lose the engagement & attention of 95% of your traffic.

That results in… loss of Leads… loss of SALES and more importantly LOSS OF MONEY.

When you are not actively engaging visitors on your site, you are losing money EVERY SINGLE MINUTE.

That was the EXACT problem we had.

We knew we were losing money and we had to plug that hole VERY SOON.

We had 2 options…

Option 1: Either make really awesome videos that keep the attention of the visitors and keep them tuned in.


Option 2: Do something INNOVATIVE that will keep our videos IN FRONT OF THEM all the time…
even when they have scrolled down the page.

(because all Marketers NEEDED THIS – BADLY)
THAT is the day Videos Income Booster was born…
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Stephanie Gere


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Brian Lavar

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Step 1: Give us the URL of the video you want to enhance.


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We tried this on our sites and found that…

Visitors Stayed 65% Longer

Videos Were Watching Up to 86% (Was 42% Earlier)

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Eye Tracking Technology


Our powerful technology is designed for the desktop version of your site only. The reason why mobile is not activated is because of the large variety of sizes and shapes of the screen that sometimes cause an unpleasant experience for the user

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One of the major reasons why Videos Income Booster increases your sales and results is because it can add a customized call to action button that you can show below the video when It floats upon scrolling. This means that your prospect in only one click away from making you more money.

Never Lose The Attention of Any Visitor Ever Again

Silver Package


Gold Package


33% Discount

Save $240

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